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Located in the heart of South Central Los Angeles, Bellflower BMX is a quiet oasis of shaded trees and one of the most well-maintained tracks in the sport.

TRACK REVIEW: Stars & Strpies BMX

A great BMX track in the high desert of Lucerne Valley, California, the facility known as "Stars & Stripes BMX" has gone through many changes in the 2 decades it has existed.


A long standing track in Yucca Valley, California, the BMX track there is located on a beautiful desert hillside, surrounded by Joshua trees and majesty. Check out this limestone surfaced track on a beautiful summer day.


Opened in 1979, the BMX track in Apple Valley, California is one of the oldest in the United States. Take a tour see all the features of one of the most famous tracks in the sport of BMX.


One of the best beginner tracks in southern California is Hesperia BMX in Hesperia, California. Learn how to get there and what to expect on your first visit.

How do volunteers maintain a BMX track?

Volunteering at your local BMX track is a great way to exercise, endear yourself to the track operators, and earn the self-satisfaction of knowing you are keeping the track safe and rideable for your fellow BMX racers.

TRACK REVIEW: Antelope Valley BMX

My first day racing on a BMX track was at Antelope Valley BMX in Lancaster, California. This video tells all you need to know before visiting the track, including a little history and some highlights about the most fun parts of the course.

What is a BMX race day like?

What is it like to attend a "big race day" at a BMX track? This video shows a California State Qualifier race, at Hesperia BMX track, in Hesperia, California, during the summer of 2019.

How to find BMX tracks?

With over 300 active tracks in the United States, how do you find the BMX tracks closest to you? Excellent question! I have made this process extremely easy, by creating a map which allows you to see all 300 tracks simultaneously.

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